Unplugging Politically

There was a time, not very long ago, that I found myself trying to absorb any news around me. Not film news, not information on upcoming cameras or lenses, lights; no I followed politics.

I still enjoy it, trying to understand what goes on in the world and why. But, as anyone with many passions, I have to focus my efforts to ensure I get things done. So I've unplugged myself politically. Not entirely, perhaps I left my grounding pin in, but overall I've stopped letting myself get affected by it. I probably won't write a letter to the editor for some time.

And, honestly, that feels good. I hate that our world has become so terribly convoluted. Everybody believes they deserve exactly what they want and don't leave room for negotiation. Fighting for your rights is always important and always necessary, always do it; but that fight has tainted people's minds. Your justified fight might give legs to someone's unjustified fight.

A woman wants to ban the 'pornographic' Diary of Anne Frank - - - Did your blood boil on sight or did you think about what her arguments might be? Not that she's right, but she's entitled to her mind just as you or I am. [Also a side note, if you read the article you'll see my use of the word ban is inaccurately used; but did it get you more interested than me saying 'A woman wants to be notified...'?]

We just go back and forth, we fight and fight; increase our hate of each other day by day. We legislate our problems instead of talking about them. I hate it. I don't want to see it. I can't avoid it but I don't have to dive headfirst into the sea of shit we call our existences with news that is just trying to get you to click their link so they get ad money.

Everything is a pitch, a selling point. And everything carries a cost; how do you know who really appreciates your business and who just wants it?

There's a lot of us. We can't all be pleased. So, do yourself a favor: Do everything that YOU (that is by yourself; without government, police, neighborhood committee, friend, policy intervention) can to be happy. That's what's most important.

Love to us all.