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Reflections on Life Thus Far

Written in response to "what type of thoughts you get that bring you down?" I've had a few negative thought patterns over my years. In my 20s, I was very afraid I'd never get a girlfriend because I hadn't at that point. A friend set me up with someone when I was about 23 and we were together on and off for about 8 years, eventually we had a soft breakup when she moved with her family out of state. I didn't feel like I'd actually solved anything after that relationship so I still felt a bit unaccomplished in the actual "getting a girlfriend." This was about the time I started to lose faith in my film career path so I put more emphasis to going to kink events. At the same time my family was also going through personal bankruptcy which was a poor option for them because we'd eventually lose the businesses that we owned and finally our home in December 2017. I eventually did meet someone at kink events and I moved to Boston with them about a year

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