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More Than Just There

I got in this business for the wrong reasons. I do think I'm an artist at heart, whether you think what I do counts as art is really of no consequence to me. You don't get to define my art.  But the problem is some of our worth is defined by the public response, our Likes, our Follows. For me, I just wanted to work a lot and get better paid eventually. I wanted to be known for working, being reliable, and ideally just start getting more and better jobs like that. It's sounds stupid to say it and think that's anything but delusional. I can't fix what ignorant thoughts I may have operated under in the past. I wanted to get just a little known in the industry so I could have more jobs coming to me rather than having to go to 50 auditions and never hear a thing. So I followed the conventional wisdom and made my own content, I made my own short films, sketches, even a feature film but none of it ever seemed to matter. Not even when over $70K was spent on the production.

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