Time Goes By

I wish I had something more substantial this month but I spent almost all of it rushing to same day auditions so there wasn't a lot of 'me' time.

I, like my father, enjoy the work; I like to be super busy because to be super busy is to not be depressed and idle. My father works hard for work's sake; he wouldn't grasp the concept of being depressed, or he has other demons he avoids through being busy. I justify the work by saying I'm nowhere right now, I have to hustle and go to everything I can to try to make it; show my face enough times until someone wants to give it money.

I know I'm luckier than many, living at home but it comes with its own challenges; not least of which the obvious social stigma of an American adult living at his parent's home. It's really a lifestyle only fellow actors and filmmakers care to empathize or appreciate; to everyone else, it's the sign of a failure.

I think I blew a lot of auditions this month. Or maybe I just wasn't right. I received a lot of positive comments like 'you take good direction' but that was followed up, a few days later with, 'well we went with someone else.' So you're left to wonder, were they just blowing smoke? I'd like to think they weren't but you'll never know for sure because it's your overly optimistic or pessimistic mind that has to interpret it.

For my efforts this month, I did manage to book a small role in a short film, shooting in December; as well as an app commercial which begins shooting tomorrow.

But, there may also be a feature production right around the corner from the team of Adam Maeda and I; with a sketch trailer happening soon? Could be.