The Quiet Man

It's likely my own inability that makes me so contemptuous of the loud, boisterous, opinionated man. I lack in none of those qualities except when perhaps people are around. For some, that's show time, it lights them up - go time. For others, it's looked at as perhaps something to dread or fear. A time for others to talk and for you to listen, contently.

The quiet man, as I know him, just doesn't fire off in the same way the loud man does; he sits and thinks for long periods of time before saying anything. He even sometimes, or perhaps more in his early years, has something to add but processes it for too long in his brain and the conversation has moved on.

The quiet man assumes his opinion is only valid to himself, and rightfully so. This is true of all opinions in our world of many truths; where all opinions ring true to someone and no one is wrong - even if it's merely to themselves. The loud man shares his opinion, and shares it again; he over shares it and talks, and talks.

The loud man knows how to assert himself; the quiet man has trouble.

Society values the loud man, it knows what that man is all about; his is generally viewed as a more attractive personality. The quiet man is a mystery, perhaps even overlooked and forgotten for his inability or unwillingness to make waves; to make himself to stand out.

The louder we are, the more attention we garner; good or bad, this is just the name of the game today.