Want Far Beyond Need

Jealousy is probably the worst emotion any human can have. We look at large houses and cool walk ups, immaculately decorated houses at Christmas time and a feeling rises up in us.

Despite all the ostentatiousness and even in face of one's own proclamation of distaste for all things grand, you still fall victim to "want." Your mind, even your heart begin to feel it. Your mind switches to obsession and desire; "you want that." And you may want it for purely selfish means or maybe you want it for altruistic or other means like, "well, if I had a house like that, I could use it for this, this, and that thing" [for me it would be to use for filming on a consistent basis - this would be my location and home base].

At the same time, your heart begins to feel inadequate; it starts to feel like failure. It begins to seem like, if you don't have this, you are nothing; you need this in your life. It's switched from want to need.

And, of course, I want better than I already have; I live at home with my parents for God's sake, in a room I've lived in since 1989. But there's a difference between what I need and what I want.

Our lives have become about this grand "thing," and you want it! You want to be like these people that you drive past their house and want to have the life [mostly the stuff] they have. And of course, their lives may be fraught with difficulty in other ways but, they got a nice house. That symbol, that idol, in itself, is enough to stir up this strong desire. Want; far beyond what anyone actually needs.