The Feature is Nigh - Apeiron's Line

Together with prolific writer Vic Olam and the strong producing prowess of Aditya Vishwanath, we're well into development on a feature film called Apeiron's Line. Apeiron is a Greek word meaning "infinity;" it's a film about tapping into the subconscious mind with the use of hypnosis and psychoactive drugs like DMT [Dimethyltryptamine].

Early promotional poster
I'm excited to be coming on board to what is sure to be very ambitious and truly rewarding project. It will be my first feature after making seven short films, including P.A. which won Best Comedy Micro Short at Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival. I hope to shape the film in a way that is both visually impressive and compelling. This is a big opportunity I've been afforded and I want to use it to the fullest; to rise up from the slice of life narratives made on shoestring budgets or no budgets at all.

Aditya "Adi" Vishwanath is making that happen. A seasoned producer, Adi plays an instrumental part in putting this film together and seeing it come to life. His work with budgets both small and large make him vital to the success of this project which will also balance the frugal techniques of indie productions while delivering the quality of a major motion picture.

I am proud of what I've done thus far, I've compiled a reel of my directing work over the past years. With these films, I've worked hard to deliver quality stories with nothing more than what I've already had; framed entire narratives around the homes or businesses of family members. I've lit scenes with just a TV and a brightened video image; I've faked the motion of a jib with just a tripod; I've blended the worlds of still pictures and film with long exposure photography stitched together into a video montage of sequential images.

Now I'm taking the next step; working with an arsenal of industry-standard equipment and techniques at my disposal to make something that's not only compelling in storyline but also visually entertaining. I'm pushing those boundaries; and I'm working with artists, passionate about their craft. One such artist is Vic; with P.A., he has already helped me take that next step with his captivating writing. I'm taking that same quality writing here and developing a movie that will entertain audiences while, at the same time, bring to light an often taboo subject.

The subject of DMT exploration is of particular interest to me given my penchant for the mild hallucinogenic properties of cannabis. I've considered the use of such drugs to be a spiritual and social awakening that most everyone should experience at least once. Hopefully social policy will continue to move in the direction of allowing people the freedom for that type of exploration.

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