Garaj Pictures - The Start of Something Big

This post was written in October of 2014 but was never published. I've published it now to reference it in a post titled "Delusion is Catching," dated February of 2018.

In mid-June, India West wrote about my newly formed film production company, Garaj Pictures. Since then, I've worked tirelessly with my team to select and acquire only the best scripts in a diverse range of subjects, ensuring the company reaches a wide audience. We put our focus on engaging, niche topics that show a lot of promise when it comes to viewership while delivering on ideas that are not frequently explored. Working together with passionate artists, Garaj Pictures seeks to bridge the gap between inexpensive indie and Hollywood blockbuster by serving up big ideas on small budgets.

Since 2008, I've worked on over 50 films in different capacities; in that time and over the course of my 7 short films, I've learned more of what I like in a movie, especially one that carries my name. So when I made my company in May of 2014, I made sure to maintain that standard in the projects we take on.

Currently about to enter pre-production is Shadows Fall, a romantic, quirky horror film about a desperate woman's deal with the underworld. Written by Kuber Kushik, the film explores the somewhat bureaucratic world of demons while following the story of a housewife who gives up everything to resurrect her murdered husband. But the deal isn't as clear cut as it seems, she is plagued by shadows and terrifying whispers in her home; and her husband, suffering from hallucinations, is blacking out only to inexplicably find himself back at the house. Aditya Vishwanath is currently in talks to direct.

Apeiron's Line has moved into the roster as the second film under the company. The light sci-fi thriller, written by Vic Olam, about a brilliant young scientist who is on the verge of a breakthrough in awakening consciousness. Using trance induced hypnosis, he sends his wife, who is also his research subject, deeper than any subject has gone before. But suddenly, during one of their sessions, his wife falls into a comatose state. Using both his own hypnosis and discovering the powers of the hallucinogenic drug DMT, he tries to tap into his own consciousness in an attempt to save her. Meanwhile, his unsanctioned techniques and growing insubordination have earned him the scorn of the organization where he works; and they will try to stop him by any means necessary.

To round out the lineup, Lady Killers is also being produced by Garaj Pictures; a standout, quirky 20-something comedy film. Written by Jener Dasilvia, the film may be the most mainstream of the three but its explicit situations will set it apart from formulaic college comedies. Two best friends are finding themselves growing apart as they get older. While one drifts head-over-heels into an abusive relationship; the other desperately clings to his fleeting friendship, finding himself completely impotent without it. A mismatched pair to begin with, these two friends find a way to band together when the shit hits the fan.

We're working under a plan to complete these films within twelve months.