A major part of corruption is the obsessive love of money, but how do you fix that part? How do you make people stop loving money? You can only jail them after wrong-doing; but how do you change a person's thinking, take their obsession off money and put it on a love of being human, a love of fellow humans, a love of the Earth, nature, animals, the blue skies, the peace and serenity of the forest.

How has a paper money replaced these marvels and miracles? Useless paper that's given and holds meaning only because we believe it has meaning, we are told it has meaning; in fact, we're told it's everything, everything we want, everything we must have.

Corruption is easy to look at when we talk about corporations. But corporations are run by people. Corporations are lifeless, people are the life behind them. People are the ones who have been corrupted, not corporations. A corporation is just another piece of paper, a legal organization but we are the ones who give it meaning; we are the ones who have to stop being corrupted, we are the ones who must stop our obsessive love of money.

Or nothing will change. Nothing can change.