Reconciling the Real

We live in a world where very little around us is "real." Typically it's believed that we, as humans, are real; we exist, unless The Matrix was right and we, as we know ourselves, do not exist, or at least not exist where we think we exist. But you don't need to think so outside the box to realize we are already living in a world that's loaded with things that aren't real and have no real control over us as humans before or beyond our short lives; it is only as citizens of society that these man-made constructs control us.

When you are a person, you are liable to all the rules and laws of society. This is why we pay bills, use paper money and checks, file for bankruptcy, etc. But none of these things are real. Yes, they exist; they are printed on paper and stamped all official-like, go past the desks of official looking men in suits and some in robes but none of this has any affect on you as a human being.

For centuries, life wasn't based around the idea of money; which is also not something "real" as I am defining it. Life used to be based on survival, and while survival is just a concept, it's also very real. We all live to survive, just the how has changed; in the past, survival meant killing, cutting, and cleaning your own meat, it meant growing and harvesting crops, and building your own shelter. It meant replacing what you take today, so you will have something again for tomorrow. Today, survival means working a dead end job you hate for paper money which only has meaning and importance because we, as a society, agree it has meaning and importance. The concept of money, and by association, bills are constructs of society; they have nothing to do with being a human.

The idea of judgments, leases, mortgages, bankruptcy are meaningless to a human being but are very important, very impactful to people living under societies.

People have become disconnected from their real roots of being a human, putting our paper world ahead of what actually exists in this realm. It's only a fact of history that we live in societies where money is held in such high regard, history could have easily played out differently. We could still be living out in the woods, hunting and growing our own food, Native Americans could have beaten back the invading Europeans, The South could have won the Civil War, we could be dealing with nuclear fallout from the Cold War era; all and any these possibilities would have drastically changed how the world, as we know it, works today.

We need to reconnect to what is real in this world. Yes, we are still slaves to the man-made constructs of bills, statements, liens, and foreclosures but they only hold overwhelming power over us because we choose to prescribe to their control of society to tell us what is real, what has meaning, and what is important.

It's because of this that I struggle so much in society; the constructs are completely arbitrary yet control our very existence. If I don't pay my debts, I could go to jail; the constructs run our lives and dictate how we must conduct ourselves as citizens of society.

This isn't entirely a bad thing, some people have apparently forgotten how to act as good humans and need laws and/or religion to remind them; so the constructs can help curb behavior harmful to one's self or others. But the laws overreach, suddenly people who cannot afford a legal fine get their fines raised to exorbitant levels and when they can't pay that, they wind up in jail; lack of funds should never be a reason to go to jail. And that's part of the construct of our society, jailing debtors because they lack the funds to not go to jail; it makes breaking the law, no matter how arbitrarily, a privilege only for those with the means to escape punishment with a meaningless monetary contribution, also known as a fine.

But we hate that! Every time a rich asshole gets off or makes bail because he has money, most in society are outraged; but there is not the same outrage for the fellow human who cannot make bail and rots penniless in jail.

Living a human existence can be the great equalizer, it's a direct reflection on reaping exactly what you sow, save for natural disasters that could affect a human's output despite his best efforts. Society is a varying experience, some may work hard and never get anywhere; others may barely work and easily get everywhere.

Society controls us, being human sets us free.