Why Embrace Nihilism?

So I recently started making shirt designs that I think are primarily funny but also try to highlight a certain meaninglessness within the lives of the everyday person. While I do see myself as nihilistic - I am also someone who is desperately seeking meaning to life but I realize that pondering the meaning of life is a luxury for those with disposable time and disposable income. 

The majority of people are forced to find meaning in their jobs, their work, their careers, and their families because they lack the freedom to ponder the next stage of humanity, they don't have the time to consider existence as anything more than what they see in front of them. The world they can see and touch, the world that affects them directly is entirely where their efforts and consciousness must be focused to attain and maintain the very basic of human necessities.

Humanity feels stagnate, it feels like it's resisting a push towards the next stage of our collective evolution. It's either that or I am so out of place in my time that I can't fathom any other possible conclusion.

As I come to over a decade of creating, I realize that I never created to mollify the masses. I never desired to create escapism, I strived for exactly the opposite. I try to confront with humanity, confront a population that has become too complacent with the status quo at the expense of a growing number of people who are simply left behind. 

With that context in mind, I've wanted to create and share some meaningless tops that highlight the existential angst that is exemplar of this stage of humanity's growing pains.

Check out my designs at http://meaningless.top