Boycott the India Sweets and Spices Movie - My Plea


#Boycott #IndiaSweetsAndSpicesMovie

My plea to you, if you hold any respect 
for me, for my family, or for the business 
my father built starting as an immigrant 
coming to this country with nothing, 

DO NOT SEE the India Sweets & Spices movie. 
DON’T SEE it in theaters, DON’T STREAM it, 
DO NOT WATCH the film at all.

Show the filmmakers and the corporations 
behind them that it’s not acceptable to steal a
family’s legacy for their film marketing. 

Show them India Sweets & Spices 
is not theirs to take.

For my mental health, this will probably be the last time I post on this and hopefully the last time I think about it. I've lost this popularity contest against blue checkmark actors and corporate support. It is what it is. If I want a hope of ever being happy, this has to be the last time I think about this.