An Opinion on Your Opinion

I've been introspective a lot lately; a symptom of the combination between developing scripts and trying to audition for higher priority projects (see: Features or Pilots). As a result, I tend to read a lot in the mornings; the goings on of the world as presented by the publications I choose to follow. For me, I read the liberal perspective of The Huffington Post, AlterNet, Care2, and Loop21; there I will get a political viewpoint in which I generally jive with.

Now this, as itself, is a great thing. But these are the news sites I read; these are the news sites that give me guidance and affirm my thinking. The internet, however, is full of contrary sites, contrary ideas; each of those reaffirms its target group's thinking. This allows us to simply bask in our own 'rightness' without ever really needing to confront the middle where people live; where ideologies meet to create change for all of us.

Instead of ever having to figure out who is correct, we all get to find comfort in the fact that, for our group of people, we are correct! So regardless of whether, for example, global warming will bring the world to its knees; we don't ever have to really worry about that because we are 'partying' with our ideology and letting the real world slip into theoretical.

I am not above the sleight of hand, though I wouldn't consider myself intentionally meaning to distract. I am a believer in government false flag operations. Regardless of what really happened on 9/11, part of me will always have an idea that this was a government operation to incite public opinion to war; I won't be alone in that thinking.

This is where the good and bad of our society meet. Where even the absurd can be given life and legs and can run out along with 'the truth' and be held in equal weight.