Quarterly Wrap Festival

In the midst of working on Harshest Critic with me, Motown Maurice busily set up the Quarterly Wrap Festival. It was envisioned as an in-house screening and wrap celebration of our own projects as well as the projects of our friends and colleagues; a wrap festival if you will, bringing together the best aspects of the project wrap party and a film screening.
Motown set-up most of this alone. Sure, he had the help of the hosts that had projects screening at the festival but, overall, like most things, Motown took all the initiative and got it done. The event for Quarter 1 was spectacular but there was something bigger to come of this.

Soon after, Motown contacted me about opening up the Quarterly Wrap Festival to public submissions for Quarter 2. That's a big step; going from the content of close colleagues to content of strangers but Motown's been known for big dreams and he always touches at least some sky when he reaches for the stars. So I joined up to help put together this 2nd Quarter Festival or Q2.

Looking at Withoutabox, there's so many film festivals out there; so many places where likely people will show up and see your film. So why add another to that mix?

Well other than providing the difference of rolling a wrap party and a screening event all into one; it provides an opportunity to give a venue to fellow filmmakers for showcasing their works in a welcoming, laid-back setting where networking is the main name of the game.

Quarterly Wrap Festival gives us a chance to create an event the way we see it; encompassing the aspects we sought in our own festival.

Plus, the event is specifically catered to celebrate the last quarter's achievements, encouraging near-constant work from filmmakers and producers.

These are the ideas, the concepts, the thoughts that are important to us, thus they become important for and apart of the Quarterly Wrap Festival.