Late Night Love

On my drive home tonight, I saw a light shining down on a house; specifically I noticed it was shining down into the window of the house. After a few moments of deduction, I figured it was a film set; probably no budget but I couldn't say for sure.

It's really the thrilling part of, what many of us call, our 'jobs' [which is quoted because many of us aren't getting paid at these jobs]. We get to play.

Now, that play includes carrying heavy stands, lights, and equipment; but it also includes creating light that looks like the moon to the camera. That's what I think that light, shining on the house was for; fake the moon.

This is really the life though; creating whole universes within the confines of a frame. And just outside that frame is a boom guy, maybe a covered-up window, a dog that whined almost every shot except this one. We get to make compelling images and solve fun problems; we aren't caught behind desks, typing data into spreadsheets.

STUCK premiered at the Unexpected Film & Arts Festival tonight; it was a great event as always, with another great short The Nice Girl also showing. I'm not positive, Comedian Preston Blaine may have been hammered but he was pretty damn hilarious as well.

That's all I have for now. Lately I've been trying to write new projects, start taking new perspective with stories but it's not as easy as I'd like. With practice and partnership, perhaps that will change.

Tomorrow morning I have my first audition for a feature film.