Push to Start

You should know, I'm a bad blogger. Not only do I not know what to speak about; when I do start speaking, generally I can't stop as I send you down a road of over-discovery into my mind. Or I'll just not say anything.

If you saw me at Motown Maurice's 1st Quarterly Wrap Festival, then you have some idea of what I'm talking about. That was, by the way, an amazing event that really opened up some great networking channels; meeting people with projects or people interest in helping out, I've already called upon some for projects that have come up.

So anyways, I don't exactly know what will come of this blog but maybe that'll be clear as time goes on. (Or it'll be deleted)

Here's what's been underway:
  • With Adam Maeda, I produced, DP'ed, and edited his short film entitled STUCK. A simple idea intended to be presented in a single take. That one is nearly finished, just getting its last looks before it can go out.
                 STUCK short film
  • With Motown Maurice, I helped produce and directed his Wheat Thins spec commercial. A lot of fun, a little hectic but, a partnership in what is the most ambitious shoot I've done to-date. That'll be coming soon.

  • After a break to cross-off a few productions from my list, I am easing back into my actor submissions; trying to focus on being cast in feature films. Will see how that goes; I'm not in any huge rush as I have productions to tackle as well.

That's what's in the news today; stay indie.